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The modern city of Casablanca was founded by Berber fishermen in the 10th Century BC and was subsequently used by the Phoenicians, Romans, and the Merenids as a strategic port called Anfa.

The Portuguese destroyed it and rebuilt it under the name Casa Branca, only to abandon it after an earthquake in 1755. The Moroccan sultan rebuilt the city as Daru l-Badya and it was given its current name of Casablanca by Spanish traders who established trading bases there.

The French occupied the city in 1907, establishing it as a protectorate in 1912 and starting construction of the ville nouvelle, however it gained independence with the rest of the country in 1956.

The Mosque Hassan II
A relatively recent mosque. It's the largest in Morocco and the third largest in the world, with the tallest minaret in the world. It is one of the two main mosques in Morocco open to non-muslims. Beautiful interior complete with water features, a roof that opens to the sky, a huge hammam in the basement (not in use), and beautiful tile work.
The Medina
Casablanca's medina is located near the train station, the harbor and the Hassan II Mosque (5 minute walk from the hotel). Feel free to negotiate before purchasing.
As you walk from the hotel to the city centre you can admire all the art deco styles. Most building’s architecture was designed by the French in the 30s, giving the city an architectural coherence that is quite remarkable. (In the hotel area).
Also called the "New Medina", this “new town” was built by the French at the same time as the city center Medina. The habous is calmer, cleaner, and more relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of traditional Moroccan medinas.